abstract for UBIQUITY

Technology (used here to define both the physical components and the digital realm) is becoming ubiquitous, passive, and transparent. What is happening to our humanity while the human/technology line is blurred? How does our integration with a digital space [in]form our approach to intimacy? These are not new questions, but the answers are becoming more obvious and divisive. What will humans of 2515 see in us? Much has been visualized and even more written about these ideas in the last 100 years. My work is an attempt to combine the forms of the medium of paint on glass with the content from this realm that it naturally marries, thus creating an analogy:


or, perhaps more directly (when you “put flesh onto” the content):


The two within each pair are co-dependent and the line is so blurred that they can often be mistaken as opposites. This confusion is a necessary component of the works. Therefore, the glass serves both as a representation of humanity and of technology. Like both humanity and technology, it is fragile, transparent, and everywhere. The paint itself also represents both, existing (or employed) as a shroud. In these works the glass and the paint need each other. There is a dialogue between them which, through varying implementations of content and format, engage the viewer in a unique manner.