Elevation Schematics of McLeod Art Studio
digital rendering; 2016-2017
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In 2016 and 2017, David designed and built the studio in which he currently lives and works. These simple renderings were translated to foundation plans for the concrete contractors by his father, an architect. Once the concrete was poured, he completed every part of the build for the structure by himself. The erection of the structure from simple materials was an artistic and engineering challenge, one that has reoriented his practice as an artist from a formational and conceptual standpoint.

Situated in the middle of 53 acres of raw land and across a sizeable creek, the challenges were numerous. Initially approached as the quickest path to moving in, the solo project has had the unintended benefit of constantly reminding David of the failures and successes inherent to its completion, even as he struggles through other works within its walls.