oil on aluminum, 72x48"; oil paint, aluminum, aluminum polish; 2019
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This work is an attempt to speak of many things in distilled terms. Visually, it’s just an aluminum circle inside a blue circle that has been rolled away from a large shape.

The reflective quality of the aluminum integrates the work with the viewer and viewing space. This allows for a strange duality: infinite complexity and hyper specificity. While environmental influence is universal to life on earth, the simplicity of this work attempts to push this reality into focus. But curiosity and inspection are necessary, as if the work both requires and refuses its viewers to find themselves in it. This careful dance is of course always in danger of irrelevance due to the overtly graphic blue shape.

Potential interpretations could include all "traditional" categories: landscape, figurative and still life. For instance, it appears that there is a tilted horizon with a part of the sky breaking free. Could the “moon” be causing this or is it being acted on? Is the hook shape caused by the two blue shapes menacing or protective? Is the circle an eye? Is the entire painting an upside-down iPod from 2003? Why can I not find my image in center circle, as I can in other areas? What would happen if the sky were to split or we could see below the horizon?

How thin is the veil of reality?

Is it as thin as the paint on the surface here? Or as thin as the aluminum sheet itself? The aluminum is, coincidentally, roughly the same thickness as human skin, which is the barrier (veil?) between every human and his/her environment.